All Apologies.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Christian Bale apologized on Kevin and Bean, a morning radio show on  Los Angeles station KROQ 106.7 FM a for his wild rant during the filming of Terminator Salvation. The outburst was posted on TMZ.

Personally I’ve refrained from looking at the video or hearing the audio.  Judging from the comments it must have been quite a distasteful incident. Bale’s right: no matter how “into the character” he was, such outburst was inexcusable. Maybe he should get some help with managing his anger?  Anyway, I’d still continue watching his movies, since he’s such a good actor.

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Michael Phelps also apologized for his being caught with a bong.  His self-admitted “youthful and inappropriate manner” cost him his Kellogg’s contract. He has been slapped with a three-month suspension by USA Swimming… and is facing possible criminal charges.  The Olympic Golden Boy is losing his Midas touch, but we’re hoping that he gets his life back in shape when he’s back in his natural habitat: the pool.

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Rounding up a week of apologies is Miley Cyrus with her half-apology for making a slant-eyes gesture while having her picture taken with friends. Being Southeast Asian and not East Asian (although according to friends I look somewhat East Asian), I don’t take particular offense with the gesture.  BUT if it’s known on their side of the world for it being so, I really think that Ms. Cyrus should exercise a wee bit of discretion.  She can’t always fall back on the foolishness of youth… that just shows how much she needs to grow up.  (And please, Ms. Cyrus, don’t drag Britney Spears into this.  That‘s foul. Ms. Spears has already suffered intense public scrutiny and ridicule, and has owned up to it.) At least Ms. Cyrus has taken the time to issue a half-apology.

Just to come clean with it: I haven’t watched any of Miley Cyrus’ shows or movies, so I’m obviously not a fan.  I would have been blissfully unaware of her existence had it not been for Yahoo updates.  I sympathize with Ms. Cyrus for being always hounded by the paparazzi (I think she’s almost always posted on Yahoo! omg! every week), but I think no one is entitled to drag someone else’s name into a mess she isn’t concerned with.  (And yes, I’ve listened to and appreciated a number of Ms. Spears’ songs, but I don’t think I’m a fan.)

Read story on Cyrus’ apology (…sort of). >>

I’m sure these faux pas would soon be forgotten when the next juicy gossip hits… unless of course they’re still the center of attention.


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