I am.

A crazy, kooky kid with an old soul who’s hoping to maybe someday fix her numerous blogs.

I’m interested in the usual stuff: movies, books, tv, and music. I like to write, though I haven’t been writing as much as I used to, just reactions that come to mind when I read/watch/listen.  I really don’t like limiting myself to one type of genre (I’m a rocker, scifi enthusiast, comics buff, etc), but I would admit that: I prefer watching romcoms and sappy love stories to unwind, but I also like movies that make me think, and I find I like movies whose central characters die; I prefer rock music (but what is rock music, really?), but I also like sappy and poppy tunes, and I find I like songs more when I delve into their lyrics; I prefer chick lit and love stories, but I also find myself liking other types of book genre depending on my mood.

Games.  Hmm.  I adore The Sims, but I haven’t played in a year.  The only game left to me that I check on a regular basis is Castle Age, although with their recent snafu I am not that happy with their developers.

My favorite haunts are obvious by the number of posts I’ve written about them. 😛

Thirty-two years and counting.  Passed the Philippine Bar Examinations and signed the Roll. Now a (fledgling) lawyer. But still a… Part-Time Sleeper. Full-Time Dreamer. 🙂