A Night with Incubus.

How do I start blogging about 03.13.15, one of the most memorable moments of my life? Maybe with a little flashback? Unfortunately, I’ve no access to my old blog post about the first time I saw Incubus live, back in March 2004. Can’t say I didn’t try, because I looked at all my posts here tagged “Incubus” and omg, […]

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Here’s to an organized 2015!


Finally got my planner. I forgot that I was collecting stickers for this… So I was in a mad dash for those at the start of the year.

At the close of this year, I plan to get the planners of the other cafés. (Man, I see the word plan and its derivative a lot on this post!) If I push through with that, I can’t sincerely say it’s all for the love of coffee. 😛

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All for the love of coffee.


Forgot to have these ground at the café. Brought out the food processor and ground the beans until they resembled sea salt. Well.

The drip coffee maker broke down. Had to bring out the other (old) drip coffee maker. Cleaned and rinsed.

Was finally able to sit down with a cup of coffee after at least two hours on that sleepy morning, the second day of the year. Thankfully, this morning’s cup was made in a jiffy.

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It’s been ten years, baby.

The last day of the year…. and I’m reminiscing. Quite cliche, actually. But funnily, I’m reminiscing about a concert I attended 10 years ago, that of Incubus’, just because I’ve mentioned to my best friend that I’ve already bought tickets to their concert they’ll be having here in March next year. Fittingly, the 2004 concert […]

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