Thoughts after seeing a celebrity again.

So I saw him again at my boss’ party. I was again awkward when I saw him because I wasn’t prepared. Third time to have my picture taken with him. I wonder if gigs like that bore him. He looks so warm when he’s with his fans that I imagine being at private parties must be quite bland. I always end up tongue-tied when with a stranger, moreso with a celebrity. Maybe someday, when things are level, and he’s not the known actor that he is now, I’ll get to see him again. And when that happens, I’ll show him the pictures as a reminder. Then I’ll ask him what he really thinks of these private events. I’m sure he’ll have a kind word to say, but deep down, does he feel uncomfortable about it? Because it’s not the same as being with people who admire you (attending someone’s birthday party is different from going to your fan club day, after all).


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