Deep within my soul I’ve come to know I went too near.

Listening to this song. Unlike that Snow Patrol one, I don’t find myself bawling (yet). Maybe because this is a “stronger” song? But really, I think this sums up everything. And I’m sorry, my dear friend, but perhaps you think too highly of me. I don’t think I’m as strong as you think me to be. I have a feeling that it will destroy me. And for what? And now.. I can feel the tears stinging. Because it hurts to know that perhaps Achi is right.

And so I hold my breath
Til the doubt between us clears
So don’t go askin’

‘Cause I don’t know how I’ll be
I’m defenseless like a child within a storm
So wild and fierce

I will go on

And so I heal myself
As water flows like years
I’ll still be askin’

If I plead, would you believe
That deep within my soul, I’ve come to know
I went too near

I will go on
I will go where I feel
I’d be strong enough to say
I will go on.



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