Borrowing time.

Today’s words of wisdom were brought to me by someone from whom I least expected them to come.

He started with a pretty great quote (which makes so much sense, really, but for the life of me I can’t seem to apply) and ended with a simple advice (which would have been quite effective if I just learn how to do it).

So here I am not heeding his advice and overthinking again. (I’m sorry.) But this time I’m doing something cathartic, something I haven’t done for a while now. Instead of just letting all these thoughts float in my head (with part of me wishing they just disappear to save me from all the effort of wishing that in the first place), I’ll try my old trick of writing them down in the hopes that, after reading the post in a few days I’ll just laugh myself silly over how silly I’ve been to write them down. So here goes.

* The best intentions are really just that — intentions. No matter how good they are, if they’re left unexpressed or undone, they’re merely pretty but meaningless fluff in your head that no one would be amazed about. (Too bad.)

* Let sleeping dogs lie if you don’t want them to bark up the wrong tree. Then again, this path of least resistance may just lead to something explosive, that everything will blow up in my face because I refused to take action. Or maybe I had tried to, but the negative reaction just made me think that (finally) caring about what’s going on around me elicited a totally uncalled-for response. (Hello, world! Goodbye, world. No, it’s really kthxbai proportions.) So again, let sleeping dogs lie… and let them lie some more.

* I can’t forever be waiting to be whole again. Somehow it sounds weird, like I left off a word or should replace a word or something like that, but that’s how I feel right now. (And hours ago. And maybe for years now, who knows?) I blame that movie. And that movie is not Jurassic World. (And while I’ve mentioned Jurassic World, can I also mention how amazed I am that Chris Pratt is seemingly Hollywood’s It Boy right now? He’s come a long way from his role in Everwood!)