A Night with Incubus.

How do I start blogging about 03.13.15, one of the most memorable moments of my life?

Maybe with a little flashback? Unfortunately, I’ve no access to my old blog post about the first time I saw Incubus live, back in March 2004. Can’t say I didn’t try, because I looked at all my posts here tagged “Incubus” and omg, there are a LOT. With my comments on them, too. Especially during the If Not Now, When? time and the Honda Civic Tour with Linkin Park. That was bar exams time… and my break from reading/studying was to watch videos posted by my fave bands. Then after the bar exams, I had all the time in the world to comment on the videos I’ve watched LOL.

And this review of how much I blogged before made me realize that I haven’t been blogging much. And that I’m having a hard time describing how I feel. Rusty, I guess. And I’m pretty sad, because I was more articulate about how I felt before.

So maybe I’d just link to a few blog posts when I reminisced about 2004 so you’ll get an idea. Here they are: Of memories and melodies., You’re my deep secret. I’m your pantomime., and It’s been ten years, baby.

And so I apologize if this post seemingly lacks the exuberance I once exhibited… But that’s only because I’ve exhausted all my fangirl excitement over at Facebook! LOL. Although I admit I was pretty bummed with myself when I was outbid for the Meet & Greet tickets. But no matter. There’s no use crying over spilled milk. Besides, my tweets did get a “favorite” from Mike so…. AAAAH! (Okay, fangirl episode there, sorry.)

Oh, but this next gallery is good.

Don’t get it yet? Here.

2015-03-14 02.38.00

Outsung and out-emoted. Ugh! But seriously, I am glad to have been with the fanboys. They made the concert more memorable for me. 🙂

And of course, we also took selfies after the event.

2015-03-14 03.10.50

We took a number of video clips during the show, which I’ve posted to my Facebook. However, there is one that I was able to upload to my YouTube channel. This is my favorite of all the clips we took, because at 0:25 it perfectly captured the moment when all hell broke loose (a.k.a. the fanboys and the fangirls rocked out haha).

And the ultimate fangirl moment for me?


And in this moment, I am happy in my incububble. So very. Thank you, Incubus! 🙂 And thank you to Ovation Productions for bringing them here!

The setlist:

As for me, I’ll continue with my lurking over at incubushq and twitter. And oh, their instagram and tumblr! Tee-hee!


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