10,000 Promises and a Grain of Salt.

Quite disappointed with the events of yesterday. Mostly because I learned that my card issuer — or its agents, in particular — wasn’t quite upfront with what they offered me. All along I thought I had the card that I wanted. I remember being quite specific that the only reason I agreed to that card was because they’ll provide me with the one with the higher rebates. And on the surface they did that… they gave me that shiny plastic in the color I wanted. But that’s it. I guess somehow the import of my words was lost on them. I didn’t really care for the color; what I wanted was the benefits that color represented. Apparently, even if I was very much qualified for that, I still came up wanting. I could have dealt with that. But did they have to present with the color… and then I learn later on that I’m actually on a “special” category, whatever that means. Jeez.

And the day before yesterday, another officer from the same bank was insistent that I get their other card because I was supposedly qualified for that other one… And told me about the benefits of that other card. Oh, hogwash. I should have just withdrawn the application when I learned from the person I talked to today the nitty-gritty about it. That was how disheartened I was about the whole thing. Why offer something when you can’t be upfront about it? But then, I figured the application won’t hurt, anyway. At least now, I won’t be too hopeful about it or expect too much from it. And take the promises with a grain of salt.


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