It’s been ten years, baby.

The last day of the year…. and I’m reminiscing. Quite cliche, actually. But funnily, I’m reminiscing about a concert I attended 10 years ago, that of Incubus’, just because I’ve mentioned to my best friend that I’ve already bought tickets to their concert they’ll be having here in March next year. Fittingly, the 2004 concert (their first here) happened in March as well.

I didn’t buy the tickets to that 2004 concert then, but a friend. They were pretty good seats, because we weren’t *that* far from the stage. I don’t remember the row number, but it was at the first section. At the time, I even said to myself that the ticket wasn’t that expensive, considering that they were a pretty known band. Actually, I didn’t even know the sectioning. I like Incubus, all right, but at that time I did not adore them as I had adored Linkin Park.

But that concert totally made me love them. I had missed out on their two previous concerts, the ones held at Araneta Coliseum. I didn’t know about the concert in support of Light Grenades Tour, having been living under the rock during that time. The one in support If Not Now, When? I had to forego, because it was bar exam year.

But this time, I could not miss out yet again. It will be 11 years and 1 day to that night of bewilderment/amazement… When I was completely mesmerized by Pantomime. ACtually, I barely remember how they performed it. What I remember was that I had completely fallen in love with the raw sincerity of that song. The polished studio version off Alive At Red Rocks doesn’t move me like that one did.

And so, here I am with two tickets to 03.13.15. When before in 2004 the section nearer the stage had reserved seating, in 2015 it’s now standing. Because really, who sits at Incubus concerts?


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