Streeeeeam. Stream, stream, stream.

I’ve been a user for a number of months of three international music streaming services to hit my country’s shores, and I realize that I rely on all three of them for their specific strengths. As I’ve disclosed in my previous post, I have a paid subscription to Spotify and Rdio and an ad-based subscription to Deezer. I tweeted before that Deezer presents me with the best recommendations (most attuned to my musical taste) through its Hear This landing page. I also like the easy way I can favorite a track, and also add stuff to my library. Queueing can be a tad tricky, though, if I’m on the artist page and not on the album/single/EP page.

Rdio, in turn, has the cleanest-looking interface the best notification system. It’s relatively easy to queue an album or just a track. New stuff regularly turn up on my “newly added” section, unlike Spotify which sends sporadic notifications. (Perhaps the Spotify notifications are triggered by my saves of albums/singles/EPs/tracks and not just the follow button?)

Spotify has the best queueing system, what with its granularity. It’s my go-to streamer when I need to a listen to a track right now, as it shows the queue per track, unlike in Rdio where, if you queue an album, that album will be played in its entirety, without a way of inserting a track mid-stream.


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