And the Taylor Swift problem continues…

But this time her local distributor is to blame. After promising fans they’re going to import her latest album, they retract that statement and say they’re not going to import the album anymore as they have produced a local version of it. AFTER they’ve gotten pre-orders for the imported album. Epic fail, MCA Music. The only thing good about this is your offer (which hopefully is not just an offer) to refund the pre-order cost. But hey, that’s not all you should be doing. You should pay for nominal damages, as well. A promise was broken, there was a loss suffered.

As for me, thank goodness I didn’t pre-order. Now, to see if the local version IS as good as the imported one. They did promise this: “We use the same quality material, have the same contents and have the same freebies so as to assure everyone that we maintain the same quality as the imported item.” If it is, then good for the rest of Taylor Swift’s fans who just want a copy of the album. But a local version should also come with a lesser price tag, since consumers don’t have to subsidize the importation cost. Or are you going to say that the exorbitant price of 850 pesos — when local versions range between 425 to 600 pesos (the upper limit being a generous margin) — doesn’t cover that?

Going into the nitty-gritty of the label’s statement, I wonder what they mean by importation issues? And guys, you need a better business letter writer. You caused this problem, so don’t word it like it’s wrong for your customers to insist on what they were promised AND WHAT THEY PAID FOR. You aren’t the victim here, okay? And an apology doesn’t suffice for this wrong you’ve committed.

Ah, business.


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