Another pop star says no to music streaming service.

I first noticed the inability to stream Taylor Swift’s catalog when I checked her page on Deezer. I have only a free subscription with Deezer, as opposed to my paid subscriptions to Spotify and Rdio, so I concluded that my inability to stream her music may be due to my not having a paid subscription to the first music streaming service mentioned. (And the reason I have paid subscriptions to the latter two? Spotify offers more music by the artists I listen to, with Rdio a close second. The other reasons I love Rdio: their family subscription — to which my brother and I are subscribed (update: it appears Spotify will have a Family account, too! Now… whether to extend my Spotify subscription to my brother… or maybe my sister? but they’re not as music-obsessed as I am. but still…) — and Duncan Sheik’s eponymous debut album. [I still haven’t come across a CD of it in my record-store searches here. So yes, I’m kicking myself for not having bought it before during the 1990s. But I was a student on a meager allowance then, and cassette tapes were still the norm here.] Deezer has yet to offer something that would absolutely make me want to pay for its Premium service. Perhaps Duncan Sheik’s Covers 80s? Or Dishwalla’s full catalog?)


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