The (current) streaming triumvirate is complete.

I’ve been aware of Deezer expanding its music streaming reach to the Philippines earlier than Spotify. At the time, I was at a loss on which plan to choose, should I create an account. Now that they’ve streamlined into just free and paid subscription, the choice is easier.

A few months back, I quickly signed up for Rdio when I realized that it has Duncan Sheik’s debut album (which wasn’t offered by Spotify). Even then, I was busy comparing the catalog between Rdio and Deezer. Up to now, my musical taste is inclined toward Rdio’s catalog than Deezer’s, but I’m hoping that with Deezer’s partnership with Smart, it will somehow make licensing of the currently un-offered stuff on Deezer quicker.

So, after months of hesitating, I’ve signed up with Deezer, albeit still on Discovery. With the three subscription services, I should be sufficiently covered.

And since bop uses the streaming services’ API, if ever I listen to some tracks on bop, they will be scrobbled.

I just hope that someday, when I search for Duncan Sheik’s excellent cover of The Psychedelic Furs’ The Ghost In You, it will play on one of the streaming services I’m now subscribed to.


3 thoughts on “The (current) streaming triumvirate is complete.

  1. I guess the best way to get Duncan Sheik’s cover is to try to ask him directly or the company that manages his songs to get it in the services. The problem is to find a contact to ask 😐 .

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