Blogging is something I’ve neglected doing the past few weeks. Past few months, if one goes by the posts on this blog. And here I thought I would try to write down my thoughts on a daily basis, having installed Momento and Day One on the iPad.

But that’s not really the point I turn to this blog now. As before, I write when I’m feeling quite disturbed, or when I simply need to clear my head.

So. 4 dentists and I’m still not sure what to do with my impacted wisdom teeth. As the latest dentist said, whom I consulted for a second opinion (technically it was a fourth, but he’s the second surgeon opinion), my case is bad, but it’s not the worst. At least mine is elective as there is no infection, no need to do it swiftly. As always, there are risks involved as one tooth is near the lingual nerve, while the other seems near the canal (or something), but if ever there will only be paresthesia…

The uncertainty revolves on which surgeon to go with: one who requires the CT scan and general anesthesia, or with the one who says he can do it on local anesthesia and without the CT scan? My physician sister, our family dentist, and my new dentist (who’s my sister’s “clinic neighbor” at the hospital where her clinic is) are wary of putting me under GA; hence, the consultation with the new surgeon. Oh well. Hopefully things will straighten out when my sister and new dentist discuss my situation again. (And yes, I love my new dentist because he’s simply sooo nice. Just like an older brother to me! 🙂 )


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