A Rush Of Blood To The Head | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone

I was browsing through Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest albums of the 2000s where Coldplay’s second album A Rush Of Blood To The Head was included. It also provided a link to the original album review written in 2002. The reviewer gave the album four stars — a reluctant award at that, considering how the review was written. Actually, the review itself deserves a four-star rating. Here are the gems from that review:

* Coldplay arrived in 2000 with the smash power ballad “Yellow,” an instant classic of trembling guitar ripples, ridiculous stargazing lyrics, anthemic choruses and the forlorn vocals of Chris Martin. The guy’s voice sounded like a puppy kicked down a flight of stairs, one step at a time, and then kicked back up the flight of stairs. But even as he bravely flirted with outright dippiness (“Look at the stars/Look how they shine for you” — egads), his heartfelt yodel won you over.

* But then, “Yellow” isn’t a very rock & roll color, is it? Sheila E. had a great song called “Yellow,” but aside from a submarine here or an electrical banana there, rockers usually think it’s too boring to even sing about.

* Jonny Buckland comes into his own as a guitar hero, while Martin has grown gratifyingly adult in his sobs and growls. He’s still got plenty of angst to vent, though, wailing about death (“Amsterdam”), war (“A Rush of Blood to the Head”) and lost love (damn near everything).

See A Rush Of Blood To The Head | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone.


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