Hero worship.

Oh how I admire this man from afar. Admittedly, I only know the side he deigns to show, but what he’s shown is thus far worth admiring him for, really. How crazy, this stellar infatuation.

And this feeling reminds me of how I fell in love, all those years ago. Of course, that one was far more attainable, but the process was not altogether different. But this time, the people who are to meet have been strengthened by experience.

Oh, yes, I haven’t let go of my dreams of finding the one. If I’m the hopeless romantic, so be it. But I want to believe that my youthful romanticism has been tempered by emotional maturity. So maybe I still cling to my youthful fantasies. But that’s what keeps my hope alive. Allow me that. Yes, I will reach for the moon… in the hopes that if ever I get disappointed by what life ultimately offers me, I’d still land among the stars.


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