I’ve just posted my review of Coldplay’s latest single Magic over at my reviews blog. But here is the initial draft of that review… until I realized that how I wrote it doesn’t work well on a reviews site. Since this is my personal blog, I decided to post the draft here for posterity’s sake, haha!

Ooooh…. a new single from Coldplay, and the announcement that their latest album, Ghost Stories, will be out on May 19. I am excited! If this and the earlier-released Midnight are any indication, we’re in for a chillax album. After the “pop-ness” of Mylo Xyloto, I view this as a “breather” album. (Then again, the guys could have just decided to release these chill tracks and kept the rest of the album as poppy as the last one… But I doubt it. Looking at the track list, the song titles seem a tad dreamy to me. It’s like an album of ghost stories about love, actually. Hmmmmm…. Ghost Stories is all about love… the haunting beauty of it… but I reserve all these thoughts until I get my hands on the CD. [And ugh, the deluxe edition is available only at Target! Siiiiiigh.]


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