No turning back now.

The sibs got me Mer De Noms vinyl for Christmas!

To say that I am ecstatic is an understatement. Especially since the vinyl version of the album has different versions of Sleeping Beauty and Over. What’s funny is that part of me has dropped the idea of buying vinyls because I didn’t want to mess with cleaning them. But the siblings have decided it for me. Actually, my brother was teasing me — or maybe he meant it — that I wouldn’t even open it because the record looked pristine as it is. And you know what? There might be some truth in that.

Mer De Noms vinyl
Mer De Noms vinyl

My free time has been spent poring over articles on how to care for vinyl records. I’ve also read up on how to buy usb turntables – just in case our old record player couldn’t be resurrected. I need to have that fixed… and also to test recording off the turntable to have a digital copy. I really don’t see myself playing the vinyl over and over. I love the convenience of having a track on repeat for hours on end … mostly to enjoy every bit of it: at the first few listens, the whole of the song, then the words (the lyrics themselves and possibly marveling at the singer’s voice), the guitars (trying to pick out the rhythm from the bass), and then the drums… and then all other instruments that may have been included.

And when I have different versions of the song (remix, radio edit, acoustic, live, etc), learning about their differences…


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