The moment of reckoning has arrived.

To take the plunge or not? To see the albums sold separately somehow detracts from it being the digital version of the box set, but literally, that’s what it is. Besides, this release parallels the concerts themselves: an album a night. And separating them allows one to buy the album s/he wants, instead of buying in bulk.

But still, the question remains: Is there really no CD version coming out? 😥

I am wary of digital purchases (never mind if iTunes now allows you to redownload past purchases), especially since there seems to be glitch/misupload… as a careful look at my screenshot shows multiple versions of the prior albums (see Mer De Noms explicit, Blue (Remix) single, Amotion). If there are differences, I haven’t seen them.

Admittedly, it is quite weird of me to have second thoughts about buying digital (because I don’t want to buy the CD should they be released later on [please? :D]) when I seem to have no qualms about buying another version of the release (i.e., deluxe version after buying the standard version). [I actually do, but I haven’t purged the collector bug from my system. I have a draft of my take on that, actually… I just may publish and just revise in the future…] But there’s the difference: the change in the number of tracks. Digital and the CD are just different formats, and I obviously prefer the latter. (And at last consideration, I have thrown away the idea of buying the vinyls… because I don’t want to mess with cleaning the records and the record player. So yeah, Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto was there at Astroplus MOA but I stopped myself from asking for it [vinyls are housed behind the cashier, away from the normal hand-flipping traffic ;)] )


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