Splurge (Super Deluxe Edition).

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of my purchases last week over at Mall of Asia. The attendant at Astroplus was particularly helpful. I love attendants who are knowledgeable about the items they are selling. Ate used to work at Music One, so she remembers the bands whose albums I asked her about.

I maximized my stay at MOA, to say the least. I was at Astroplus for at least an hour just rifling through the racks. So happy that I finally have a copy of Linkin Park’s Living Things+, which was imported from Taiwan (at least the copyright blurb says so). At 650 pesos (forex is about 43 pesos to a US dollar) it seems pricier than if it had been locally produced, but that’s speculation. It is a CD/DVD pack, after all. It just seems so because the CD/DVD of A Thousand Suns retails at 550 pesos. Then again, I forked over 610 pesos to acquire Incubus’ HQ Live (and still hoping that they’ll release the 2CD/DVD deluxe version here. Hello, Ivory Records! :D), so I can’t know for sure.

Another purchase is Shane Filan’s Everything To Me EP. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one since he went here to promote it and his debut solo album (which I haven’t seen on the racks yet). Unfortunately, it’s the 4-track EP, and not the 5-track one typified as the Southeast Asian version by a Wikipedia contributor. (I just might buy the 5-track if I see it, just so I can have a copy of that bonus track. Reminiscent of how I bought Westlife’s Swear It Again single and EP. How I miss Tower Records and Music One!)

My biggest splurge is the super deluxe edition of Tears For Fears’ The Hurting. Absolutely good buy. So happy Astroplus MOA imported at least two copies, one of which is now with me. 🙂 I am now happily sonically saturated by various versions of Pale Shelter. And of course, my ultimate TFF favorite, Mad World.

Actually, what I was prepared to buy was a super deluxe edition of any of the Nirvana albums… never mind if I already own the deluxe ones. (The extra tracks are just too much for the collector in me to ignore.) Anyway, I left my number with Ate, with the request to let me know should they acquire it… and A Perfect Circle’s Three Sixty.

Odyssey enjoyed my attention, too, because they have (had, if it was the only copy) the glam box of Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment. Too bad my search for his Acoustic Live! still proves futile…






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