Meet Spinnr, a Filipino online music streaming service.

Checking out, a music streaming service provided by Smart Communications. So far, it looks good. I don’t have an account on it yet, so I’m allowed to preview only 30-second clips of the tracks on its catalog.

A few days back I was checking out Deezer, which now caters to the Philippine market. But I just may be persuaded to get a Smart number (I’m on a different mobile telco) instead, since the payment system is more convenient:  prepaid credit (“load”) or billed to a postpaid account as opposed to payment via credit card. The streaming packages look affordable, too:

The SPINNR Plus 15 package also offers a 20% discount for full song downloads – further lowering down SPINNR’s most affordable download rate of P10-P15 per song. Other membership packages are, SPINNR Plus 7 (P7 for 7 days, with 10% download discount) and SPINNR Plus Premium (P29 for 30 days, with 30% download discount). The SPINNR Plus VIP (P49 for 30 days) offers 50% song download discounts plus first and exclusive access to Smart Music’s events, promos and other perks. (Source: Smart press release)

If I understood correctly, the packages are for the streaming service itself. So, if I were to use the desktop site via my ISP, the package I subscribe to  is what I would only pay for (e.g., P49 for 30-day streaming service). Now, if I use my mobile device and its data access (forgive me, I don’t know what’s the correct term for it, and I just want to write my thoughts down without having to “research” for the correct terms), I would incur additional charges for using data if I’m not on an unlimited data plan. In any case, the download discount is a good offer, although admitted I don’t see myself availing of the download/purchase service because I prefer buying CDs.

From the 30-second clip I’ve heard, the streaming quality is good. Hopefully, the quality of the downloaded track is better.

The site is fairly new, but the catalog is considerably expansive for a site in its infancy. I’m hoping this site is just the beginning of good things to come.


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