Promo shot down. Better luck next time.

Astroplus is offering the single of Applause free to those who pre-order Lady Gaga’s latest album. The collector in me would have grabbed the chance, but the mechanics of the promo – get the single at the event, no deviations allowed — prohibits me. There’s one promo considered and shot down. To those inclined, check the details here:

This just in: It appears it’s possible for those who aren’t inclined to go to the event (for one reason or another) to preorder her album from Astroplus’ online shop and still get the single for free. Ooooh.  But hurry – offer’s good until November 17 only. As for me, I’m currently checking out how the online store (shipping, etc) works.

Darn this collecting bug that bit me. 😀

(update 11/15/2013: I encountered a problem registering – couldn’t see the images which would identify me as human. I used the contact form on the site and also sent a message to the Astroplus Facebook account, but no word yet if they’ve seen it. Oh well. There goes the plan.)


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