I’m sorry, which rock have I been hiding under?

I obviously haven’t been paying much attention to my Twitter feed as I used to. That’s the only reason I can think of for this feeling of being blindsided that I am experiencing right now. Apparently, APC tweeted last month about a live box set (A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone And Echo) that’s to be released on November 29. Anyway, the thing has, as the article on Spin said, promptly sold out. But for those people like me who haven’t been paying attention, there’s still hope: there will be a digital release (on November 26). Now, I’ve spoken of my misgivings about getting digital releases, but I just may have to give in. [But okay, I did give in recently by getting Bush featuring Gwen Stefani’s live version of Glycerine over at iTunes.]

And then there’s going to be Three Sixty, a greatest hits compilation. Good luck to me in finding a CD here. And if they are going to release it (pretty pretty please!), I hope it’s not going to be under Ivory Music. (That music company has a penchant for just releasing the standard version here. I’ve bought the standard versions of Incubus’ If Not Now, When? and HQ Live, but I’m still hoping they’ll release the deluxe versions here. [But if not, sigh, relatives in the US, you know what to get me. :P]   Which is, incidentally, why I love MCA. Even if they release just one type [typified as the “Philippine edition”], it’s the deluxe version.)

For now, I am content with the studio version of By And Down that’s available for streaming on Spin. (Thank you!)

Hear A Perfect Circle’s First New Song in Nine Years, ‘By and Down’ | SPIN | SPIN Mix | Premieres.


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