Linkin Park live in Manila 13 August 2013.


This is one of those days I wished I brought a camera, though the idea of taking pictures instead of plain having fun waving my hands and bobbing my head to the music kills me. So… Guess what happened? Just a few shots – grainy ones, too! Because I trust the others who went to the concert took their own, and I could look at them instead.

Totally loved hearing them live and hearing Chester sing. I was afraid he couldn’t belt them out live like how he did on the records, but I was proven wrong. ❤

I just wish someone was able to record in good quality the piano version of Castle of Glass. And a panoramic video of In The End.

I wasn't able to see them in 2004, so I made it a point to be there yesterday (since there were no more bar exams and financial constraints to hinder me, yay! :D). SO.WORTH.IT. One can buy all the records and listen to these and then watch live videos posted on the net all day long, but it still isn't the same as being in a concert and seeing them perform live.


One thought on “Linkin Park live in Manila 13 August 2013.

  1. i wish i were there!!! i am still a little bummed out that i was not able to see them a few days ago. 😥 i was there during their first visit in 2004 and it still remains to be one of the best foreign concerts i have been to! the memories are still so clear in my head. (memories lang kasi cameras weren’t allowed inside the venue. hehe) i saw some youtube videos of the concert. one of them even recorded the whole thing! (this is part 4 of 4. just check out the guy’s recording of parts 1-3) i can’t imagine how some people can attend concerts and focus more on recording the show rather than enjoying the concert itself. trip trip lang din siguro yan.


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