Of uncertainties and reality checks.

Currently no motivation. Still deciding which side to believe. I don’t like being in this situation, but it seems I find myself in such more often than not.

On another matter, so far so good. As long as I don’t do anything there, I’m good. It’s been tedious task, to say the least. After all, I am used to spouting off one-liners (or two-) just to release some of the “stress”. I try not to take it out there, though, and just diffuse the emotions over the other… horcruxes.

Before I’ve been careful about being too emotional over at plurk, but lately, I’m in the WTH state. My reason is pure self-centeredness: it’s my page, and I should be able to vent if I want to. It is a tad discomfiting that we’re linked there, but I’m crossing my fingers that he’s just too busy to notice my sporadic posts.

Going back, it is a good idea. Nothing is certain, after all. And until there is no openness, I think it’s just as well that I’m keeping my cards close to my chest.

On still another matter, I spent considerable time mulling over the future (again?). Just how much depends on how long I stay… and am.

But still no secret to myself… I am still affected.


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