No angel.

The problem is that I’ve already latched on to this idea that it’s you I want. Unfortunately, I’m also unwilling to let go of him. The selfishness of this circumstance is what’s tearing me up inside.
I know what I have to do: let go of you both. It’s the only way I could forgive myself. Never mind if I haven’t really tried winning you over. I know I said I will, but in the end I know it will all be for nothing. I don’t know if I can fight for you. The fact that I have such doubts is enough to convince me that I have fallen for the wrong person yet again.
Everything would have been perfect if I had just fallen for him, because at least I know he’s interested in taking the relationship further.
Uncertainties have always been my undoing. Interest doesn’t overcome uncertainty in my book.
Call me selfish if I’m unwilling to take risks.
But frankly, it’s self-preservation.
So it seems I would have to forego my original plan.
I’m sorry, achi, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to take the risk. I’d rather play it safe now, like you’ve originally advised me. What a reverse psychology.


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