Lament and Rejoice.

Checking out the iTunes Music Store Philippines web links (so I can bookmark for easier future reference 😀 ). Hopefully they’re going to add some of the US-store Lifehouse albums. I already have the Smoke & Mirrors Philippines/Asia edition, but the US deluxe edition carries a song not included in the ph edition: Don’t Wake Me When It’s Over. And the ph store doesn’t carry Bush’s latest album The Sea Of Memories! Aaargh. I want the deluxe edition because there’s a Renholder Remix of All Night Doctors.

On the bright side, the ph store has Incubus’ HQ Live. I’m still checking out the brick-and-mortar stores here (that’s limited to my places of work and residence, ha!) in the hopes that they’re going to release the CD here. Perhaps next month (*crossed fingers*). After all, they took a while for them to release Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane 10th Anniversary Edition. (They released Overexposed earlier than the SAJ 10th AE.)

Tracking movements of the albums here, I know. 😛


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