Don’t think you are. Know you are.

This weekend was all about reminiscing.

The past came back to haunt me.

And I succumbed.

Yes, I’m going to blame that one song. Haha.

And the past few days I’ve been listening to The Matrix soundtrack, because I remember that I kept on listening to that when workworkwork was still my mantra, and I wanted to regain that mindset.

It was only when I caught The Matrix showing on WB TV that I remembered¬†the movie’s significance to me, something I’ve apparently buried all those years ago. The message was buried in those letters and numbers scurrying down the screen.

This was the message — the lesson — that I kept mulling over between readings.

The way we had met — and eventually fallen in love — is comparable to those love stories, almost as if it was written from a script. Part of me believed it could never happen again, that that kind of luck just can’t happen twice.

But now I realize that if I settle for anything less, I’m selling myself short.

“Don’t think you are. Know you are.”
Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix


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