The Mad Scramble.

Two of the CDs I was anxious to get my hands on a couple of weeks back. (The other one was Ashes Divide’s Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright.) I doubt I’d be able to see these on the racks of the record stores here, so I made sure to ask my sister to buy these for me while she was in the US. (I looove their shipping there – it’s like you can order anything [unlike here]! And these ones I — or my sis, rather — got with free shipping – super love!!!) Call me old school, but there’s really something I like about buying CDs instead of digital music (never mind that I asked my sister to create an iTunes US account for me while she was there… only to have iTunes Music Store Philippines open a few days later hahaha! Anyway, I have this account on reserve in case I really can’t find a specific CD here). I like looking at album art and what-not. And of course, the convenience of ripping them in case my computer crashes. Like what happened a few days ago. Phoenix PC died (well actually, the display), so I’m unable to listen to the music I stored on the hard disk connected there. Still thinking whether I’m going to buy a new desktop and reconnect what I can salvage from Phoenix PC, or look into converting the disk drive and the hard disk to external ones.  In any case, I have yet to re-rip stuff again, though, since the external disk drive I have is incompatible (won’t work without an AC adapter) with my new notebook. Oh well.

Speaking of “hard-to-find” CDs… another on my list is the Time Lapse Consortium CD. But I think that’s going to be a difficult acquisition, especially since I’m willing to get it only at a reasonable price. Oh well, oh well.


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