Pueblo Por La Playa on 02-04 May 2012

Pueblo Por La Playa by awibear
Pueblo Por La Playa, a photo by awibear on Flickr.

Spent Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning in Pueblo Por La Playa in Pagbilao, Quezon. It’s been a while since I last hit the beach (hence my current coloring — or lack of should-be coloring), so this was a real treat.

Enjoyed the sun, sand and sea even if I don’t know how to swim. (I specialize in wading, haha!) Enjoyed the boat ride to a nearby beach with a cave.

I took just a few pictures, since I wasn’t that trigger-happy. Will try to post more once I finally get hold of what few pictures I took.

P.S. This was the same picture I posted to my facebook yesterday morning. My mistake was in not thinking of uploading to flickr so I could use the same picture to post to fb, wp, twitter, etc. Oh well. 🙂


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