The Lunch Commitment.

Had lunch with a dear friend whom I haven’t seen for years. (Then again, there are a lot of my friends I haven’t seen for years.)

It’s fun to catch up with an old friend. Of course I had to deal with the usual relationship questions. (“No boyfriend? Not even a special someone all those years?”)

And the what-ifs. (“But if I didn’t stay as long as I had, I wouldn’t have met your batch… and you.”)

And of course the reminiscing. (“Yes, I remember you used to work there. I even picked you up from work.” “I didn’t have a helmet for you then?! It was drizzling, right?”)

And the pep talk. (“You just have to work for what you want.”)

And the tease. (“It’s difficult to approach you because you’re always focused  on what you’re doing. And if you’re not… you’re sungit. :P”)

And the offer/question. (“So I guess we’d be seeing more of you now?”)

Ahhhhhhh… I so miss my dear friends.


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