Jose Pasillas: Sinking Back Into The Beat

Soaring over guitarist Mike Einziger’s wide-open-spaces arena rock, singer Brandon Boyd channels his inner love child into self-concerned lyrics that cover everything from the end of the world (“Tomorrow’s Food”) to “the path of least resistance” (“Promises, Promises”). It’s a whole new Incubus, the band enjoying the grandeur of middle-of-the-road rock expressed in ginormous, feel-good grooves that eschew complexity and aggression for a cool blast of circular rhythm hypnosis.

For his part, drummer Jose Pasillas has never sounded so sure-footed, so deep in the pocket, so groovalicious and into pure rhythm. Where Light Grenades practically offered a different Pasillas on each track, If Not Now, When? is the sound of a drummer supremely comfortable in his own consistency, playing it simple, playing it powerful, and ultimately, playing for the music.

via Jose Pasillas: Sinking Back Into The Beat – DRUM! Magazine.


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