Biding time.

The past couple of nights saw me with thoughts swirling in my head. They were a bit incoherent, but they gripped me nonetheless. It’s always at night that I am more reflective (like so many, I bet). I wish I could have posted all my thoughts down, perhaps arrange them in the morning to lessen their incoherence. But alas, I had already turned off my desktop computer, and it’s tedious to type on my mobile.

I was at a loss last night, like many nights before. I told myself that I was going to watch a movie to try to get rid of my somber mood. Funnily, I would draw Sunshine State from my stack of unopened VCDs. The blurb on the back talked of “dreams lost and dreams realized”. How fitting.

But I was thwarted, and I will not describe at length how it happened. I ended up reading my favorite parts from The Little Prince. The confrontation between the Little Prince and the Flower: it could still move me to tears.


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