Coldplay: News – Photos from yesterday’s Oslo show

Chris Piano
Chris' Piano

Lots of photos from Coldplay’s Oslo show.  Loving the humorous captions.  The fronr-row shot is funny. (It feels like they were saying, “Yes!  We made it!  Early!  Like, really early!” )

I noticed that there were so many signs — redundant especially before the dressing room.  (There’s a sign near the door… and there’s a sign on the door.  Makes you really think before entering with caution.  [Awkward sentence with emphasis intended, haha.])

One of my favorite signs was the monster sign.  Apparently, Do Not Enter does not work anymore?  Or was there really a monster waiting to gobble up an unsuspecting wanderer?  [I’m writing this during US Thanksgiving – incidentally, Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it!  (But I like the concept:  Every day is worth being grateful for, but it’s nice to have a time to take stock of things to be thankful for and then celebrate this gratitude with those who are dear to us. {This extremely positive thought coming from a pessimist, ha!  Such a warm, fuzzy feeling… I like it!} 🙂  ) ]

Coldplay: News – Photos from yesterday’s Oslo show.


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