Coldplay – Clocks (Live at Lollapalooza 2011)

Kinda old video considering that the festival had been a few months back, but I just saw the article and couldn’t resist trying the sharing/posting service via the brightcove player itself, instead of “pressing [it]”.  It’s a pretty neat application, really, but I would think it would work better if my blog had video post format by default. But being a tad obsessive with tags etc, I guess I would Press This still?  (Although I really don’t use the video embed function there – I use the actual URL and let WP do its shortcode voodoo, so perhaps it won’t work.  Hmm, gotta familiarize myself with shortcodes again.  [Erm, I hope I got the term right, haha.]) (Note to self: I edited the post to add tags and recategorize. 😀 ]

video from Coldplay: The Billboard Cover Story |


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