Chilling in Chile: The Incubus Christmas Present 2010

Brandon Boyd @ 18:55 : It’s really nice and it’s really enjoyable to come to places and make music where they really, really want you. Different cultures have different ways of expressing that… some people sing, some people cheer. And it’s all really cool and really interesting and really flattering and scary and all these […] you run the gamut of the emotions. But we come to Chile and […] the people are there in the airport when we get there. (laughs) It’s almost like they’re your extended family, and haven’t seen them in years and like, “welcome back!” You know, these signs… And they’re in the hotel all day… in the lobby… They’re up front. It’s almost intimidating — a little bit — but it’s less intimidating this time because we’ve done it once before and now it’s just kind of fun.

via Incubus Xmas Present to Our Fans on Vimeo.

I finally got around to watching this! Took quite some time to download. (High quality upload, so high quality download – but so worth it!)   The video has a commentary by Mike about doing a benefit show for the Chilean miners: He runs through the process of how it came about, the talks it entailed, making sure that the proceeds go to the beneficiaries… The backgrounder to the whole show is simply enthralling.

The film contains Megalomaniac, Runaway Train, Paint It Black and Surface to Air.

I actually felt giddy when I heard Runaway Train — it’s a weird (good) feeling to hear the band cover their vocalist’s solo effort. (Kinda like Bon Jovi covering Jon Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory.)  Mike comments on the process of Incubus covering Brandon’s song.  And the result?  Sweetness in its purest form.  The addition of the orchestra makes it all the more endearing.

Mike also talks about giving Steve a present by covering The Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black (“We just thought it would make his head explode… and it did.”).  Another gem!  I loooove Brandon, but Brandon can be too Brandon sometimes (if you know what I mean: those impromptu exclamations mid-singing which I of course find adorable), but here he stuck to how the original (at least how I remember it from casual listens) was done and it just… works.  It feels so stripped-down (but then again, what was there to strip when the original wasn’t that heavy in the first place?) that it’s simply splendid.

~ * ~

Well, since I already started this post about Incubus I’m just going to place everything here while I still have pretty good connection with (yaaay!).  I’ve also viewed the newly uploaded stuff on Jose and Ben.  I wasn’t able to Press It* then – but I was going to say that I really like Jose’s clear (acrylic) drums.  And the “Ben rocking it out” video?  Pure gold!  It was great seeing the show from a steady non-center angle.  I’ve seen plenty of videos that always focus on Brandon (that adorable Incubus eye candy, and I will admit that in my younger days I, uh, stared at him while he was doing all his on-camera antics — my favs were him rolling on the floor in the Drive video [especially the last part] and what my brother calls the T-Rex move in the non-mermaid version of Wish You Were Here) or all of them on stage (making them mini-Incubi view LOL).  Not complaining about seeing Brandon, but there are times that I also want to see everyone else for a longer period of time. 🙂

And haha, I’m also coming clean that I actually searched for that clip of a frustrated Mike when his guitar wasn’t playing as it should during their recent Manila concert.  Basta, they’re all adorable to me.  I usually follow all the members of the band I really really like (too bad I haven’t followed everyone of my bands (yet! but will correct that in December haha!)… and it’s always fun to see when they’re all following each other.  (Like that Ashes Divide – Filter – Bush connection…  I mean, they all probably have toured or been at the same festival at one point in time or another, but still!)  And if I regret posting any of these thoughts tomorrow I’m going to edit because this one is a totally mad outpour of thoughts that I’ve accumulated after all the videos (of all the bands, and they’re mostly just the “official” or TV performances at that!) I’ve seen posted.  And going back to Incubus, OMG, imagine if I’ve actually seen one of those mobileroadie videos?!  [Incidentally, I’m hoping they’re going to at least upload the Dig version that was the background music on the recent Jose feature video?  Hmm… Maybe I should make a direct link to Incubus HQ?  Hahaha, omg, to call attention to myself like that!  *squirms*]  And yes I intentionally placed this in one long paragraph to bore anyone who’s actually reading into not reading hahahaha!  I’m not — yet — a twitter “mention”-er like my friend Ludee or Emee.  Maybe soon.  But for now, the once-in-a-blue-moon mentions are enough.  I tag a whole lot in, anyway.  Hahaha!)

And yes, I’m going to end this with my take on Follow.  So that time I bought Alive at Red Rocks DVD — I bought it primarily for Pantomime.  It’s only recently that I listened to it again… and I must have been so enamored with Pantomime that I gave Follow just a cursory listen.  But that’s been rectified now — more than a few years later?  LMAO —  It’s now one of my favorites (but erm, I have a lot of Incubus favorites so that’s another fish in the sea, haha.)


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