Conditions of my Parole album preview

Okay, there’s a LOT that I haven’t been blogging about regarding my fave bands (and again I actually marvel at the fact that I can stream audio or videos but some sites like getglue I have to use mobile site to simply check in because the normal one lags like crazy… and yes, so does so can’t blog on-the-fly* like I used to 😦  )… but this one I was excited about because it’s about one of my Distractions 😀  Puscifer released an album preview over at SPIN magazine site!  Okay, first-listen sounds which I like [aside from Man Overboard] or captured my interest:

  1. the title track, Conditions of My Parole – lots of musical layers, so total love.
  2. Green Valley – there was something about the lyrics (at least those I could decipher) that triggered my interest.
  3. Horizons – reminds me of a pinball game.  seriously.
  4. Tumbleweed – banjo? mandolin?  i have no idea what the string instruments are, but i like what they do.

And they’ll be playing live on Letterman!  I really really really hope it’ll be accessible to international viewers.  (Please please please please….)

* Press This has been my best friend ever since I realized how useful it is!  😀


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