Rolling Stone’s Fall Music Preview

Evanescence and Coldplay make it to the lineup. (I breathe a sigh of relief, got my Coldplay fix here after the letdown from the other article I linked to. 😀 ) Yay!

RS wrote: “On Evanescence’s third LP, Lee added an electro-pop twist to her signature doomy sound.” Doomy. I like that sound of that!

Listened in to (and watched) Nicole Scherzinger’s new single Right There. Um, maybe I shouldn’t have while I was on rock mode. I was expecting it to be more dancey-poppy. And well, her “belting voice” reminds me of JoJo’s on her debut album. (Read: Too girly for her age.  But then, JoJo’s voice was astounding at such a young age…  Maybe I’m just confused.)  The single itself is not bad, but I guess I just expected a lot more since it’s been a long time coming.

And heeeey, there’s already a video release from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds!  Check it out!

Fall Music Preview: The Season’s Hottest Albums Pictures – Wilco – ‘The Whole Love’ 9/27 | Rolling Stone.


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