Coldplay on building Mylo Xyloto.

“We really felt like the album is so under threat as a format that we should really make an effort to really tie it all together. And even if they don’t want to own it all, it makes sense as one thing, should anyone be interested in that. So if you want to find a narrative through it you can, which is something that we just enjoyed doing.”


Meticulous planning meetings between the record company and management for a minimum 18-month campaign – possibly taking the band to yet uncharted territories including South Africa, Eastern Europe, south-east Asia and China – have occurred weekly since February. Leonard stresses, despite having 50 million album sales under their belt, nothing with Coldplay is taken for granted. He is particularly complimentary about 3D Management’s attention to detail and approach to the two singles prior to the album release (see box) – and especially allowing the band to preview new material on tour during the summer including during their Glastonbury headline where they delivered U2 a masterclass in how to enthral a festival crowd.

Leonard says: “We see it as an advantage, not a disadvantage, to have more music out there. Nowadays people need to hear more than one single to be convinced to purchase a record.”

The rest of the article (and a track-by-track commentary by Chris Martin) at the link below.

via Music Week – Coldplay exclusive: band talk to MW about new album.


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