Incubus FormSpring Q&A with Mike’s Guitar Clinic

What goes through your mind when you are standing on stage, mid-song – and you stop and see a sea of people, singing lyrics you have written?

It’s incredible. We often get dumbfounded and say stuff like “That was awesome” in response to the crowd, but really, the feeling’s so much more profound. There was a moment at Incubus HQ Live in July where everyone in Mike’s guitar clinic just started singing AND playing “Drive.” It was like listening to a live chorus. So amazing. People cried, and we get teary eyed, too.

Should have posted this awhile ago since I did see this a few hours after the formspring Q&A was tweeted, but I never got around to doing it until now.  My thoughts?  Totally loved that part of the video clip when Mike and his “students” played and sang in unison. Absolutely beautiful to watch. (And thank you, Incubus, for sharing — a whole lot.)

via Incubus (Incubus) | Formspring.


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