Bush has reunited!

Okay, this post comes a year after they did. 😀 (But I invoke my prior absence as reason for the ignorance.) I’m pretty sure my good friend Cez knew about this before I did, since she’s the Bush superfan (and I’m just a mere fan LOL).

I wouldn’t have realized this reunion had I not been on getglue and last.FM.

Actually what made me blog is I got super-excited about the idea of being able to just check in to a video post and I hastily created a post. Unfortunately, the feed still says I “am listening to Bush” and not the specific video itself. [Haha, yup, sometimes I get so lazy that all I just do is check in without stating what exactly I’m listening to (except maybe for the videos).  I mean, I usually listen to the albums of my favorite artists “in a block”. I’m a marathoner, so kinda weird to be always commenting, ” I’m listening to “Album 1, Album 2, Album 3…”]


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