good read.

i was puzzled when i saw on my friendfeed that there was an update from my goodreads profile.  (i haven’t logged on to goodreads for a while, you see.)  i was actually a bit worried that it had been accessed without my permission (read: the dreaded h word.  but seriously, that?!).   good to know that it’s still intact, and pleasantly surprised that there were a few friend requests (um, that’s how long i haven’t been logged in to it… at least a year? :-D)

anyway, i was curious about what i’ve been placing there, and i’ve almost forgotten that i did a few “nice” reviews (nice meaning that it’s not just “cool”, “awesome”, etc).  i actually reviewed it in more particular terms.  (much like my blog posts of yesteryears wherein i seem to have dissected everything that came under my (micro)blogoscope.

here’s one of the reviews that i feel is worth re-sharing, just ’cause i remember that i was very moved by the book i was reviewing.  again, this was during that time that i felt depressed.  (i don’t know if i ever was… but i refer to that as the darker ages… [because the period after that was the dark ages, i.e.,  law school? :-p])  and yes, i’m re-sharing because i want to quote myself.

Veronika Decides to DieVeronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

The very first time I saw this book I knew I had to get my hands on this. I was finally able to read it almost at the same age as Veronika was. And I love the book so much because I can very well relate to it.

In one of my blogs I even dedicated it to myself this way: “For the half of me that wants to die… and the other half that wants to be reborn.”

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