Incubus Red Rocks 2011 setlist

Red Rocks 17 Aug 2011 Concert

  1. pardon me
  2. wish you were here
  3. adolescents
  4. consequence
  5. anna molly
  6. promises, promises
  7. love hurts
  8. circles
  9. when it comes
  10. vitamin
  11. in the company of wolves
  12. defiance
  13. talk shows on mute
  14. just a phase
  15. a crow left of the murder
  16. drive
  17. quicksand
  18. a kiss to send us off
  19. nice to know you
  20. megalomaniac
  21. tomorrow’s food

awesome setlist! (oh yeah, encore at #20.) my favorites aren’t all here (i like a lot of their songs too much, but the glaring ones omitted: green, summer romance, stellar, southern girl, isadore), but there should be something for everyone!  4 from make yourself, 3 from morning view, 4 from innw, 4 from light grenades, 3 from aclotm, 1 from s.c.i.e.n.c.e.

vitamin was a very nice surprise!  okay i’m out… time to fix up for lecture. 😛  and oh, the show is being replayed on livestream for those who didn’t make it during the first few songs.


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