Cute baby… with Brandon on the side.

saw this on the slideshow over at incubushq and i knew i just had to post it.

and while i’m typing this i miss you is playing on livestream (they’re playing bill meinema’s dream setlist).  good thing i caught the announcement on the fb feed.

i came up with my setlist sometime ago, but since the setlist is vault specific, i guess i would have to consume a whole lot of videos again.  (and to think i haven’t finished the last batch of incubus vids posted on their youtube channel… swu fest, if i remember correctly, because i became so enamored with scrobbling off my old tracks to my lastfm profile haha).  and after a quick perusal of the videos available, i guess my dream setlist remains to be a dream: the video of summer romance (anti gravity love song) isn’t on the vault yet. 😦 i have the dream setlist mechanics bookmarked though, so i guess i just have to check from time to time. 🙂

and i will publish this while dig is playing.  oooh yeah!!!   (no, wait, anna molly just came up.  this took me a while to write down. 😛 )

Edit: Summer Romance vid is there!  and the acoustic one at that!!!  (it just wasn’t on the list on the blog post.)  ooh la la…. 😀  in the meantime, i think Favorite Things is my LSS… 😛

Given and Brandon Boyd 02 – Incubus World Headquarters.


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