And I call it a virus — a bad one we need to be cured of.

The defense from a former UP Law Dean came after the a number of unsavory Facebook pages that sprung against Christopher Lao. It’s bad enough that the video clip from GMA went viral. What made it worse is that people just liked a page — actually, several of them — which maligned a person’s character.

You may be amused by the mistakes or misfortunes of others. But, this does not entitle you to degrade their entire character or make conclusions about their whole person. Christopher Lao does not deserve the treatment he is getting from others in Facebook and Twitter. And yes, he is from UP College of Law and we are still proud of him.

True, it was a pretty stupid move to drive through a flooded street. But did the reporter have to ambush him for an interview? And yes, maybe Chris could have not entertained the interview at all. But watching/listening to the clip closely, he said “as well”. So there is a possibility that during the whole exchange, he did admit to the fact that he made an error. The reporter just had to heckle him more, given that he was already frustrated with what happened to him. (I would think nearly everyone in that situation would react the way he did.) And in the editing room they had to crop the footage to fit in 30 seconds — only the juicy parts were fit to be shown. We all know that’s possible. In this digital age, everything could be twisted around in someone’s favor. (Oh, do we students of the law know that.)

Now, wait. That’s not the actual point of my post. It’s just me thinking of their exchange. But what actually got me to re-post the Dean’s message is that it’s unfair for people to publicly/socially crucify him just because of one admittedly stupid mistake that was unfortunately caught on camera. And, mind you, it’s not the person who’s stupid — it’s the act itself. Isn’t everyone allowed to slip up now and then?

All in all, it’s a lesson learned for everyone: for people not to vent their frustration publicly (and I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of this even on the web — I’m sure to have posted a rant somewhere in this blog), for those in the media to report with professionalism, and for people — especially those who are “third or fourth or fifth parties” — not to judge others too harshly.

SOURCE: Ex-UP Law dean defends student who drove car through QC flood – Yahoo!.


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