Of memories and melodies.

Okay, while I’m still on my desktop and logged on to my WP blog I’m going to take advantage 😀  It’s no secret (to my blog and youtube channel lol) that I’ve been camping out on youtube for days at a time.  Having listened to HQLive I have heard all “official” posted versions of Promises, Promises, Adolescents, Friends & Lovers and the title track.  Still undecided which song I love most off the album (and should I really have just one?), but I must say that the instant I heard Isadore I fell in love (boyish-sounding voice and all).  Must be because of that one powerful line:  I won’t rest till the world knows the name Isadore.

Funny that when I watched their first Manila concert I wasn’t familiar with all the songs off A Crow Left of the Murder (which was the album just released at the time) which made it difficult to sing along LOL — such a shame, though, since Crow songs are a lot of fun to sing along to.  But with INNW, I felt instantly connected, as I’ve heard the live versions… and was just left ooh-ing about how the studio sound quality really was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I vaguely remember them asking fans which songs they want to hear during the concert.  It’s difficult to cram in two hours all the crowd favorites.  Actually, my favorites list kinda lost an album as I was almost off the grid when Light Grenades came out (erm, so yeah, I still don’t own that and Monuments and Melodies *cough cough*), and what I like are the ones whose videos I was able to watch (I should snoop around HQ some more!). I won’t be going to the concert tonight, sadly, but these still remain on my wish list (missing a lot of Morning View and Crow favorites, yet this should have something for everyone):  Pardon Me, Stellar, I Miss You, Drive, Warning, Are You In?, A Certain Shade of Green, Summer Romance, Talk Shows On Mute, Megalomaniac, Here in my Room, Sick Sad Little WorldLove Hurts, Dig, Anna Molly, Wish You Were Here and, of course, my concert favorite, Pantomime.  I guess I’ll forever savor that feeling of being blown away by the rawness of it. 🙂


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