Women and children first!

I’ve heard the new Puscifer track about a couple of days after it was tweeted by Puscifer, but I never got to write a post about it.  It almost always takes me a couple of listens to appreciate a track, but I did like the sound of it at first listen — I just didn’t have the time to really listen to it (my kind of listening entails experiencing the song over and over — melody, lyrics, instruments) as I was running around fixing stuff for my bar petition.

It sounds like I’m apologizing.  But I guess I am.   Not that any from the band will ever get to read this, but I guess I feel like they’re my friends that some part of me needs to acknowledge that they’ve put out something for their fans to enjoy.  I could probably send mention them on a tweet, but that would show up on their mentions… and, well, I’ve never been comfortable about putting myself on the spot.  I am content with just being very appreciative of what they’ve decided to share.

[Okay, what a segue!]

The title of this post is the line that caught my attention the first time I heard the song.  (Yes, admittedly, the movie Titanic comes to mind.)  But anyway, it is the line shouted during shipwreck, that those groups should be the first to get to safety.  When I’ve finally got hold of the lyrics, I couldn’t help chuckling.  It’s written in characteristic — if I may dare say so — Maynard fashion: Toss the extras over.  (Women and children, women and children first!)

Looking forward to the new album.

Incidentally, the song is posted on their site and on SPIN.


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