And they’re here. Well, almost.

Nearer than before. At least they’re not an ocean away. Been reading a few reviews of their If Not Now, When? album. Been seeing a lot of negative comments on the musical direction they’ve taken, actually. And in truth at first I was one of those who weren’t so taken with Promises, Promises. But it grew on me.

I guess what also helped me to accept the “new” sound was that I’ve kept track of their movements: If I could catch them on HQ Live (which was not often, because I had review classes during the times it aired), I watched them.  And if not, I viewed all the clips they so generously shared on their YouTube channel.  The songs, the interviews — I consumed them all, and tried to understand their meaning.

The members of Incubus went their separate ways for a while, pursuing their interests. I would like to believe that when they regrouped they brought these experiences with them and incorporated them into their songs.  It showed on this effort: a pretty low-key, unobtrusive one.  One has to listen and read/hear between the lines.  Perhaps the critics and their rocker fans won’t appreciate this album.  But I do.  Maybe that just shows how much of a fan girl I am.  Or maybe it also shows that like Incubus, I’ve grown up.


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