Wish I’d be there.

No new videos posted yet from the Incubus HQ Live Day 5 — oh wait, there was one, Mike’s Clinic, which I consumed oh so quickly — so I was relegated to searching new videos off YouTube since many of their videos posted on their VEVO youtube site are unviewable in my country.  Anyway, I chanced upon a few videos off KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show, and I am once again teleported to their first concert here in Manila, and reminded of how good the band really is and how amazing Brandon’s voice is live.  His “concert voice” doesn’t deviate from the “album voice”, which I find totally fascinating.  And add to that the energy from the crowd….  Ah, I miss concerts. It just sucks that I would have to miss another one.  I sincerely hope my friends who’ve already passed the Bar would all go though.  I’m actually close to coercing my brother to go so that he could “report” to me how it went.  He is a fan, but in his words, “not as fanatic as you are”.  Thank you, Brother Bear. 😛

Which is just as well that there are no meet and greet stuff for Manila, I guess. Sigh.


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