New username, yay!

i just couldn’t bear to remove my old “side project” of news aggregation, which i dabbled into when i was still at odds about what i was to do with my life.  (either that, or i was plain bored.)  this one still contains all my essayish attempts on the stuff i read from the web, mixed in with all my personal posts both happy and sad (more on the sad).

with the new username comes a new blog address (not about to let go of the subdomain, sorry!).  i still haven’t decided what i’m to do with that.  dream log? possibly.  video log?  erm, not much interest in making videos.  photoblog would probably be best, but since i haven’t been out as much as i would like to i’d just end up taking pictures of my reviewers and books.   ugh.

i still haven’t fixed this blog, but i just wanted to record the moment with a post.


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